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Start button

Use a start button for the main call to action on your service’s start page. Start buttons do not submit form data, so they use a link tag rather than a button tag.

Start button


= govuk_start_button(text: "Start now", href: "#")
<%= govuk_start_button(text: "Start now", href: "#") %>


<a role="button" draggable="false" class="govuk-button govuk-button--start" data-module="govuk-button" href="#">
  Start now<svg class="govuk-button__start-icon" xmlns="" width="17.5" height="19" viewBox="0 0 33 40" focusable="false" aria-hidden="true">
    <path fill="currentColor" d="M0 0h13l20 20-20 20H0l20-20z">

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